Episode 2: The Podcast Has Landed

We made it to episode 2!  In this episode, Mike & Steve have a look at the second episode of Season 1, “The Series Has Landed”.  They also discuss Sal, everyone’s favourite blue-collar worker in the Futurama universe, as well as some of the many robots that have appeared throughout the show’s history.  There’s also some mention of new episodes that is *slightly* outdated, but give us a break – we recorded this back in May.
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One or the Other…

Major League Baseball umpires can’t have it both ways. Either they have to be available for post game press conferences to explain their miscalls or let the league step in and implement a video review system. At the moment, the only accountability is that bad umps are not allowed to officiate playoff games. With the added wild card team this year, I think that means that only 4 umps won’t be getting the call for the post season.

Also, in absolute non-related-to-this-post-news, that balk call was absolute bullshit….