Episode 12: Unused Clips from Episode 11

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Mike is out of the country (on a secret spy mission, maybe?), but that hasn't stopped Steve from pulling previously unheard audio from Episode 11 and making a brand new episode!  Sit down, re-watch "War is the H-Word", and listen to Episode 11 again, and enjoy some of the funnier discussions that had to be cut out of the last episode of Futurama Pedia!

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How Working on Futurama Prepares You to Make One of the Year's Best Animated Movies (io9)

Futurama Fan Sleeve Tattoo (Employee Lounge)

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Episode 11: Zapp Talkin’

Originally posted on Futurama Pedia

Mike & Steve discuss the Season 2 episode "War Is the H-Word", as well as all things Zapp Brannigan!  There was a lot to go over in today's episode, so you get a bonus 20 minutes!  The 5% military discount does not apply, however.  Enjoy!

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Australia's Supanova is happening November 9-11 (Brisbane)
Feast of Fiction's Futurama Episode

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