Episode 14: Fun on a Bun

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We waited three months before recording (well, it felt like three months) an Oktoberfest episode, and here we are!  Mike and Steve watched "Fun On a Bun" (S7E08) and talked about Oktoberfest (naturally), the Wilhelm Scream, and other random bits of trivia.  Definitely one of our shortest episodes of late - but that just makes it easier for you to listen and move on to the next episode!

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Music Credits:
Theme music: Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock (metal Time Machine Remix)
Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie - Baby I'm Bad Weather (Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend)
No Way Josie! - Want it Back (No Way Josie! EP)
Manther - 1985 (Manther)

Pictures from #Futurama:
buxomia (Adventure Time / Futurama mash-up T-shirt)
@Prbychristina10 shows off some Heads in a Jar
Awesome Bender tattoo!
Steampunk Bender