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I recently got turned back onto Archie comics when I decided to dive into Jughead, which is currently being written by Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics).  I’ve only read the first two issues (this part of the run currently by Chip Zdarsky) but it’s fantastic. Very reminiscent of the classic Archie comics I remember reading.

So I think I’m going to start picking up the Archie digest comics every now and then. My brothers and I used to read them ALL the time when we were kids. In fact, I’ve been meaning to pick up our old collection again next time I’m at my parents house.

The greatest thing about these comics is that they’re easy to read through, and are funny no matter how old you are.  And I don’t think the humour has changed in the over 75 years the comic has been around. I love that each writer keeps the same overall style while brining their own flair to the series.

I just found a book that must be from 2008 or so. It’s things like this panel that crack me up every time.

Who knew Archie comics had this wonderful invention built into their books this whole time?
Who knew Archie comics had this wonderful invention built into their books this whole time?

I’ll do a full review post of the Jughead run once I finish it. But spoiler alert – it’s fantastic and you should read it.

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Wow I find that amazing. Can’t claim to be a big reader of comics myself but I do take quite an interest in that sort of thing. Especially to know that people would have read those comics in the 40’s !

Archie comics have always been my guilty pleasure. When I was a kid and all the other boys my age were reading Batman and Superman and all that sort of thing, I was reading Archie comics. I wanted to grow up and live in Riverdale! When I came of age, the inevitable question arose: Was I a Betty man, or a Veronica man? For me, it was Betty hands down.

So, yes, I still have a soft spot for Archie comics. Even now if I have the flu or something, my wife or daughter will pick me up an Archie comic digest at the store along with some chicken soup. There is chicken soup for the soul … and there is Archie comics for the soul.

Thanks for a great post!

No problem! I had to delay a trip back home so unable to scratch the itch of digging up my old digest books.

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