Critical Pod-mass

I’m at a topping point, I can feel it.

I’m going to have to start deleting podcasts from my subscription list.

It’s not because certain podcasts are not as good as they were before, or that quality levels have changed.  It’s a question of time commitment.

You see, we just moved from one small town back to a larger city.  When I went to work in the small town, my commute was about an hour each direction.  I also worked from home, and remotely from a different office.  So I had a lot of time available to listen to podcasts.  That’s changed now, though.

Now, I’m visible as being in the chair.  It’s easier to interrupt me at work.  My commute is only about 30 minutes each way.  Instead of being a green light that someone can email, I’m just a quick holler away.  So sometimes a 30 minute podcast can take a few hours to listen to.

I’m now sitting at 32 unread podcast episodes, a few shows are now 2 weeks behind (at least).  Sometimes I don’t feel like I can devote any time to listen to the longer episodes.  70 minutes?  I might as well forget about it.  My walks aren’t that long.  Well, I guess I can change my habits, a little bit.

I remember running into this problem when I first got promoted.  I used to have the problem of not enough podcasts to listen to in a day, now I’ve got too many.  And the episodes keep coming in.

This is definitely a privileged problem to have, but it’s still bugging me.  It’s honestly one of the reasons I produce fewer podcasts than I used to.  I just don’t have time to produce content for all of the stuff I want to consume.

Alas.  I probably won’t end up unsubscribing to any podcasts.  I’ll just have to make do for dated references and just keep on top of my sports shows when they come in.

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