Premature NL Central Preview

So, unless the Cardinals swoop in and sign Prince Fielder, it looks like the Reds are going to run away with the NL Central in 2012... Not only have they traded for Mat Latos, one of the best young starters available, but they've also got one of the bullpen bargains of the off-season (Sergio Santos notwithstanding) in signing Ryan Madson to a four year $44 million dollar deal one year $8.5 million dollar deal. Based on starting pitching, the Brewers and Cardinals could make it interesting, but I don't think that they can match Cincinnati's offense.

Billy Beane – The Smartest Man in Baseball

Yet another post about the AL West... I've been thinking about the Oakland A's a lot lately. It seems that they don't have the payroll, fan support, revenue, or players to compete and they're heading down the road to San Jose irrelevance very quickly. Billy Beane seems to be focused on trading away all his major league talent for prospects which is a genius move. He understands the the A's have absolutely zero chance of competing in the near future with Anaheim and Texas. His plan is to give up, wait 5 years for Pujols' 40 year old body to completely implode and Yu Darvish's contract to expire. By that time, his stockpile of prospects will have matured, they will have moved to a new stadium in San Jose, but they'll still lose in the ALCS to the New York Yankees because Moneyball doesn't work...