Episode 15: Love & Rocket

Our sincerest of apologies for the length of time in between our last podcast.  We actually recorded this BEFORE Valentine’s Day, and intended to release it ON Valentine’s Day (or shortly thereafter), but we were set upon a rash of technical issues (read: we were busy / lazy / take your pick).  In this episode of Futurama Pedia, Mike & Steve discuss the episode Love and Rocket, conversation hearts, and the deeper meaning of the seminal classic “Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)”.

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Songs featured in the podcast:
Spin Doctors – Two Princes

An Overly Pessimistic Blue Jays Season Preview and A Note on Expectations

Great Expectations…

With Spring Training just around the corner, we’re going to be hit with a barrage of season previews, predicting the course of how the regular season and playoffs will unfold. Naturally, these spoiler-happy reporters totally ruin the next 6 months, making actually watching the games completely superfluous.

I move to outlaw these predictions, or at least re-brand them to what they are: Expectations. We all expect the Orioles, Red Sox and Yankees to take a step back, we all expect the St. Louis Cardinals to be a model of consistency, we all expect the Miami Marlins to overhaul their roster every three years, we all expect the Washington Nationals to be a World Series Contender, etc. With the exception of the Marlins, we can’t say with 100% certainty that these predictions will come true.

Now onto An Overly Pessimistic Blue Jays Season Preview:

Broad Strokes

In the course of about 30 days, Alex Anthopoulos overhauled the Jays roster, bringing in Melky Cabrera, Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, R.A. Dickey, Jose Rey–OK fuck this, I’m too lazy to write down ALL the names that AA acquired. Long story short, he got a lot of dudes who can play baseball good, so indeed, expectations have been raised.

But let’s be realistic, if you count the Orioles, there are 4 other teams in the AL East, who all play 162 games with the goal of winning the division. They’re not just going to throw up their arms and hand Toronto the division. In fact you could argue that the Rays are the favourite to win the division. They still have solid starting pitching and Evan Longoria, plus they have about five or six years worth of experience that have translated into actual results on the field. They’ve made the AL East a legitimate three horse race.

Don’t discount the Yankees. They probably have the best starting rotation in the East, plus they’ll be getting a full year from Mariano Rivera. Derek Jeter had a solid year last year AND A-Rod will only play half the season at best.

And you never know, maybe John Farrell will bore his roster to death with his minutia and ramblings about pressuring the pitching staff by stealing bases and they’ll actually concentrate on baseball. GM Ben Cherington seems to be taking a page out of the Dodgers handbook*, signing replacement level players, seemingly believing they possess magical powers that will enable them to become good at baseball again.

Also, do discount the Orioles.

* Note: Which GM’s strategy will he plagiarize next year? I’m crossing my fingers for Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers.

PECOTA is Bullshit, Trust PHONI

Hunches based

So, I’ve calibrated my spreadsheets to ensure that my PHONI forecasting system is operating on maximum efficiency. Let’s get on with pessimistic player previews:

Starting Pitchers:

Mark “Pit” Buehrle – He will live up to his billing as an average, middle of the rotation pitcher. Naturally, casual Jays fans will demand that he be traded for Vernon Wells, citing Wells’ intangibles and leadership, hoping that he’ll convince his best buddy and perennial MVP candidate Michael Young to join him in T.O.

R.A. Dickey – Last week John Gibbons announced that Dickey will be the opening day pitcher. Too bad he doesn’t realize that AL batters will figure out that R.A. doesn’t actually throw a formidable knuckleball. It turns out that he was just a pitcher facing terrible players in the National League.

Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison – They will discover that their Tommy John surgeries were unsuccessful and decide to surgically combine their pitching arms together into one powerful bionic arm. This will raise debates on the ethics of performance-enhancing-bionic-arms.

Josh Johnson – Johnson will suffer the fate of “The Curse of the Johnson”*, playing great in April and May, only to fade into irrelevance during the gruelling climate controlled summer months in the Rogers Centre.

*It’s a proven fact – anyone on the Jays roster with the last name “Johnson” has been affected by the curse. Look at the track record: Kelly Johnson.

Brandon Morrow – In a fit of jealous rage over his success, Ricky Romero will recreate the denouement of the classic film “Celtic Pride” and kidnap Brandon Morrow, in the hopes that this will help his beloved Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship.

Ricky Romero – Will create a scandal when Brandon Morrow and Damon Wayons are discovered bound and gagged in his basement. His subsequent arrest will eventually lead to a baseball themed remake of “The Longest Yard”.

Relief Pitchers:

Brett Cecil – Three years from now, we realize that we unknowingly witnessed the beginning of the “wearing athletic prescription glasses” trend, popularized by future hipsters. Horace Grant will become an uber-prophet to said hipsters.

Steve Delabar – Will have an OK season. Future prediction: following his retirement, Delabar will open a chain of restaurants called “DeLaBar” – a “De La Soul” themed bar and grill. The house specialty will be the “Steaks is High” – a porterhouse steak brushed with weed butter.

Casey Janssen – Breathes a sigh of relief and has a solid season, narrowly avoiding “The Curse of the Johnson” by only a few letters.
Brad Lincoln – Will do something good in a game, newspapers will compare him to other Lincoln, using clever pun.
Darren Oliver – Something something, Jeff Frye.
Esmil Rogers – Will add another “S” to his name to make it Essmil, so as not to confuse Buck Martinez while calling play by play.

Sergio Santos – Will discover the truth of the “Closer Myth“, and promptly vanish into thin air.

Actual Players:

J.P. Arencibia – J.P.’s season split will be 500/20/480 – as in 500 at bats, 20 homeruns and 480 strikeouts. Old school reporters will praise his power numbers.

Jose Bautista – Will pen an autobiography entitled “All ‘Bout-ista”.

Emilio Bonifacio – Will change his name to “Charlie Sheen”.

Melky Cabrera – Reporters will discover that Melky Cabrera is actually 53 years old. In unrelated news, Albert Pujols refuses to play Sunday night games as it interferes with Murder, She Wrote reruns.

Rajai Davis – Will get buried in freak sunflower seed shell avalanche.
Mark DeRosa – Has odd clause in contract – to be paid only in masticated sunflower seeds.
Edwin Encarnacion – will raise his other elbow and make “vroom! whoosh!” noises while running the bases, pretending to be an airplane.
Maicer Izturis – Hopefully will be the backup 2nd basemen, so I don’t have to worry about correctly spelling his name on a regular basis.

Brett Lawrie – Doctors will discover that Brett Lawrie is colour blind, explaining the reason why he runs through so many red lights on the base path.

Adam Lind – Will have decent power and batting numbers and put together a solid offensive* season.

*Oops sorry, typo! I meant to say that Lind will have an offensive season, as in it’s offensive that he’s regularly put on the field in the first place.

Colby Rasmus – Rasmus’ Dad will notice a hole in his swing, but sit tight and not interfere with his son’s career at all.

Jose Reyes – Will miss the first half of the season due to horrific smiling injury.

Bonus Predictions:

Jays fans will boo Yunel Escobar, but cheer for mayor Rob Ford when he throws the ceremonial first pitch. The Baltimore Orioles will offer Ford a professional tryout.

Damian Cox will find a way to compare baseball to hockey.

The Boston Celtics will win the NBA Championship

Reporters will overlook the rising number of performance-enhancing-bionic-arms, preferring to revel in the timeless glory of the great game of baseball.

World Series Prediction: Houston Astros vs. Arizona Diamondbacks, with the DB’s emerging* as champions

*NOTE: No homefield advantage was awarded due to the All-Star game resulting in irrelevance.

Episode 14: Fun on a Bun

We waited three months before recording (well, it felt like three months) an Oktoberfest episode, and here we are!  Mike and Steve watched “Fun On a Bun” (S7E08) and talked about Oktoberfest (naturally), the Wilhelm Scream, and other random bits of trivia.  Definitely one of our shortest episodes of late – but that just makes it easier for you to listen and move on to the next episode!

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Music Credits:
Theme music: Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (metal Time Machine Remix)
Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie – Baby I’m Bad Weather (Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend)
No Way Josie! – Want it Back (No Way Josie! EP)
Manther – 1985 (Manther)

Pictures from #Futurama:
buxomia (Adventure Time / Futurama mash-up T-shirt)
@Prbychristina10 shows off some Heads in a Jar
Awesome Bender tattoo!
Steampunk Bender

Episode 13: Joyeux Noëx

Mike and Steve are finally back together for another podcast – the last one for 2012!  What a fitting time to cover off the Season 2 episode, “Xmas Story”.  Tons of great discussion points including The Gift of the Magi, the origins of Santa Claus, and episode highlights!

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Featured Music:

The Gasoline Bros – Hungover Boxing Day
Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Christmas Day With Me
Both songs come from the “Christmas Candy from the Netherlands” album available on FreeMusicArchive.org.

An Open Letter to Mark Buehrle and Damien Cox

Dear Mark,

First off, welcome to Canada! I just wanted to fill you in on a few things about our country. We love our hockey (you’ll notice that some folks inexplicably have an affinity for the Toronto Maple Leafs), beer (but you probably knew that already) and hockey (c’mon Gary let’s get this season started already!). Popular music exported from our country can basically be described as a literal embarrassment of riches: Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Michael Buble and the Tragically Hip (though thankfully, they haven’t caught on south of the border). 
But let me get back to hockey, or the lack thereof, for just a sec. Please, please, please ignore everything that Damien Cox says. To put it plainly, he’s a hack and he represents the uneducated, knee-jerk reacting Blue Jays fans who’ve deified Cito Gaston. With no hockey to “write” about, he needs to justify his paycheque somehow, so he’s directed his misinformed scorn towards you. 
In order to save you the effort, let me come to your defence. If the Ontario pit bull ban is overturned, in no way will it reflect negatively on you or the Toronto Blue Jays. Apparently Cox feels that owning a Labrador and Golden retriever makes him an expert on pit bulls. It’s absolute bullshit that he feels the right to get on his high horse and vilify your family before you’ve even set foot in our country. 
Vilify the owners who train their pit bulls to be aggressive, in fact, vilify all people who want to turn their pets into weapons. It’s unfortunate that this sort of person exists, even though the vast majority of pit bull owners are nice folks who train their dog in a loving, family environment. 
Overturning Ontario’s pit bull ban isn’t going to be easy. It’ll take lots of education and enlightenment in order to change peoples minds. If you and your wife are successful, you’ll be viewed in a positive light by the vast majority of your city, province and country. Also, it’ll give you the chance to adopt a pretty cool nickname – Mark “Pit” Buerhle.
The Blue Jays Luddite 
PS – Sorry for not updating the blog in a while. Last season was getting waaaaay too depressing…

Episode 12: Unused Clips from Episode 11

Mike is out of the country (on a secret spy mission, maybe?), but that hasn’t stopped Steve from pulling previously unheard audio from Episode 11 and making a brand new episode!  Sit down, re-watch “War is the H-Word”, and listen to Episode 11 again, and enjoy some of the funnier discussions that had to be cut out of the last episode of Futurama Pedia!

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How Working on Futurama Prepares You to Make One of the Year’s Best Animated Movies (io9)

Futurama Fan Sleeve Tattoo (Employee Lounge)

Featured Music:
Brad Sucks – Feel Free Plastic Surgery
Brad Sucks – Guess Who’s A Mess
Album: Guess Who’s A Mess (http://www.bradsucks.net)

Episode 11: Zapp Talkin’

Mike & Steve discuss the Season 2 episode “War Is the H-Word”, as well as all things Zapp Brannigan!  There was a lot to go over in today’s episode, so you get a bonus 20 minutes!  The 5% military discount does not apply, however.  Enjoy!

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Music Credits:
C’Est L’Halloween – Matt Maxwell
Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson

Interesting Things:
Australia’s Supanova is happening November 9-11 (Brisbane)
Feast of Fiction‘s Futurama Episode

Halloween costumes!

Episode 10: Tastycrat or Fingerlican?

Just in time for election season in the United States, Mike & Steve watch Season 2’s third episode, “A Head in the Polls”.  In this episode, they cover off Futurama’s political parties, a little bit of Nixon history, and some top Yo Mama jokes.  Enjoy this monster-sized episode!

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In the news:

Here’s a taste:

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20lb Sounds – Jimmy Carter (Bubbilino EP)

Episode 9: Don’t Lick It

Mike and Steve FINALLY watch a Season 6 episode – chosen by rolling a pair of dice!  The selected episode was the eighth episode of season 6, “Yo Leela Leela”.  Minimal audio clips from the episode in this one, as our viewing copy was on Blu-Ray, and Steve’s computer doesn’t have a Blu-Ray player with which to capture audio.  Nevertheless, it was a good time had by all!

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Want us to watch a particular episode?  Send suggestions to FuturamaPedia@outlook.com!

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Episode 8: Shipping Wars

Mike and Steve break out the big words (anybody wanna talk about dichotomies? You got the right podcast about Futurama!) after watching the Episode 21 of Season 3, “Future Stock”.  Topics of discussion include the possible robo-apocolypse, as well as the 2012 re-packaging of the first four DVD volumes.

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Featured Music
Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (Rhythm of Youth, 1982)
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Safety Dance (The Golden Age EP, 2009)

Robot Lawn Mower!