Episode 7: Möbius Dick

Mike’s on vacation, so Steve filled in by himself.  The result?  A really pathetic podcast…but don’t worry, it’s not 30 minutes long.  It’s more of a filler episode, but there’s still some neat information contained inside.  Have a listen!

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Futurama-Chrono Trigger Mashups (Geekosystem)

Electronic Voting Machines Elect Bender to School Board (Geekosystem)

Music Credits
Mobius Dick – Robosexual

Episode 6: The 3004 Olympiad

Mike & Steve take advantage of the 2012 London Summer Games to talk about the Season 4 episode “Bend Her”.  Please excuse any audio issues – we’re still fiddling with the levels on our new sound mixing board.

Ultra-Realistic ‘Futurama’ Art is the Best Kind of Nightmare Fuel (Uproxx)

The Fry Meme (Know Your Meme)

The Olympic Rings (Wikipedia)

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Brave Combo – The Hokey Pokey

Episode 3: Fry and the Slurm Factory

In this week’s episode, Mike and Steve discuss the 13th episode of Season 1, “Fry and the Slurm Factory”, and try to determine whether or not it’s the grossest episode in Futurama history.  They also discuss some of the other parodies of Futurama, as well as cover off some Futurama News at the top of the show.  Download now for the thrilling discussion – one that even forgets to mention that the Slurm contest has Fry looking for a bottle cap in a can.

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Screen capture of “3D Scrabble”

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Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) (Spirit Indestructible)

Episode 2: The Podcast Has Landed

We made it to episode 2!  In this episode, Mike & Steve have a look at the second episode of Season 1, “The Series Has Landed”.  They also discuss Sal, everyone’s favourite blue-collar worker in the Futurama universe, as well as some of the many robots that have appeared throughout the show’s history.  There’s also some mention of new episodes that is *slightly* outdated, but give us a break – we recorded this back in May.
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One or the Other…

Major League Baseball umpires can’t have it both ways. Either they have to be available for post game press conferences to explain their miscalls or let the league step in and implement a video review system. At the moment, the only accountability is that bad umps are not allowed to officiate playoff games. With the added wild card team this year, I think that means that only 4 umps won’t be getting the call for the post season.

Also, in absolute non-related-to-this-post-news, that balk call was absolute bullshit….

One Sentence Scouting Report: Golden Oldies Edition

Apparently, the Jays have signed Vladimir Guerrero to a minor league deal. In honour of this, I’ve decided to repost my One Sentence Scouting Report from December 23rd:

One Sentence Scouting Report: Vladimir Guerrero

Welcome to the inaugural One Sentence Scouting Report, where I scout Major League Baseball players using only one sentence!
Vladimir Guerrero: He can’t walk and he can’t walk.

Some Theories as to Why Adam Lind is Still a Blue Jay

  • They’ve discontinued his hat size (XXXXL, unbendable brim, low enough to hide the fact that his hair line is perilously close to his eyebrows)
  • Alex Anthopoulos is mesmerized by Lind’s dreamy eyes squint
  • Adam Lind has stumbled upon some rent control scheme and will be occupying the cleanup spot until he’s a feeble old man 
  • There’s got to be some unknown metric we’re ALL missing 
  • The air conditioning at Rogers Centre is broken and they need the gusts of wind provided by his numerous strikeouts to keep the stadium cool during the summer
  • The Jays have a warehouse full of #Lindsanity T-Shirts that they’re hoping one day become relevant (assist to Connor McGuire on this one…)
Feel free to add your own additions to this list in the comment section!