Adventures Into Darkness #10 – Review

This comic was a complete surprise to me, and not at all on my initial list of comic books to review.  I found it by complete surprise, when I was looking for creative commons images to use on my initial blog post introducing the comic book review series I was about to write.

Adventures Into Darkness #10
Adventures Into Darkness #10

Adventures Into Darkness #10 was originally published in June 1953, and rather than being one complete story, is an anthology book featuring about 9 different stories in the horror-suspense genre.

The cover story, The Man Who Could Not Die, is the longest of the bunch and is front and centre in the book as the first story.  The cover actually depicts a different story – The Man Who Could Not Die is a story about a 5000-year-old man hiring a hitman to kill himself – because he is unable to die due to a pact made with Death.

I got a really good kick out of this book.  The writing is clever, if not a bit predictable (it hits on a lot of tropes that have been done to death – excuse the pun – at this point, but would have been fresh in 1953).

Most of the stories in the book are short, the shortest lasting one page at the end of the book.  Definitely worth checking out for a quick read; I think I may have a look at the rest of the stories in this particular collection!

#108 – New Tracks & No More Hiatus

A new episode filled with fantastic new tracks! From email-submitted tracks to some curated from Jamendo, there is a lot to be happy about in this episode. Download and enjoy!

Track Listing:

  1. Deer Stone – Bright Lights
  2. Rubber Clown Car – Assault & Flattery
  3. Kinematic – Peyote
  4. The Shidiots – Black Shirts & Records
  5. Kellee Maize – Crown
  6. Luck & Doc – Let’s Go Brooklyn (Radio Edit)
  7. Johny Dar – Game On
  8. Louis Lingg & The Bombs – Twitter Riot
  9. Roller Genoa – Build My Gallows High
  10. Dofhei Project – Kind of Light
  11. Forget the Whale – Another Trick Up My Sleeve
  12. Fathom The Sea – Positive Space
  13. Sam Pace – It All Comes Back To Get You

#107 – Aaron Lewis & The Spin Wires

Another “different” set this month – country music!  Plus a deep dive of The Spin Wires’ self-titled EP album.  All that and plenty more.

Track List

  1. Surfer Blood – Six Flags in F or G
  2. Lorenzo’s Music – Chocolate & Cocaine
  3. Allie Farris – Love Won’t Let You Down
  4. Mega Gem – Advice From the Rain
  5. The Spin Wires – Used Me
  6. The Spin Wires – No One’s Keeping Score
  7. The Spin Wires – Should I Dance or Should I Die
  8. Aaron Lewis – That Ain’t Country
  9. BETP5 – Please Wait Awhile (Before You Break My Heart)
  10. InitiuM – Stay Wild
  11. Pachyderm – Never Knew Me At All
  12. Joshua James Hunt – Tell Me Girl
  13. Waterpistol – Talking In Your Sleep
  14. Mickey Blue – We Just Be
  15. Florens – Awake
  16. Before Humans – Faith is Broken

#106 – Classical Bend

I decided to throw in some classical music in this episode – including a piece by Gershwin!  Everything comes from Jamendo and is a good range of genres.  Enjoy!

  1. The Artisans Beats – Wonderland Hype
  2. Michael Ellis – Beth Takes a Picture
  3. Bobby, White and Brownz – Any Plans Tonight
  4. Mattia Vlad Morleo – Passando
  5. OnClassical – Debussey – Deux Arabesques
  6. OnClassical – Gershwin – Three Preludes
  7. Prooner – Price of Pleasure
  8. Neon Niteclub – Unforgettable
  9. Candids – Modern Life
  10. Black Holy Whiskey – War
  11. The June Tom Influence – No Country Song
  12. Avi Rosenfeld – Strange Love
Also check out this collection of Gershwin pieces played by Gershwin himself!  I highly recommend Rhapsody in Blue – all 13 minutes of it!  Gershwin Plays Gershwin

#105 – Spring Mix

A short episode today, and the first in a couple of months Due To Life.  But there are some great tracks here – including some new songs featured on blocSonic!  Check out the playlist below and enjoy!

  1. VITNE – Make Believe
  2. Nicolas Falcon – Reliable Source
  3. Michael Ellis – Summer
  4. RogerThat – Beautiful Wonderful Life
  5. Timezone LaFontaine – Foolsgold
  6. Lorenzo’s Music – Bags of Color
  7. BIT – Indian Head Test Pattern
  8. Dofhei Project – Kind of Light
  9. The Moose – With You
  10. Brain Purist – Curse the Day (Radio Edit)
  11. Square A Saw – Games (2nd Edit)
  12. Plastic Light Factory – Jakiteko

Gord Downie’s Secret Path

This review originally appeared on my personal blog.  You can read it there: 

Gord Downie’s Secret Path

Secret Path is an adult alternative album from Gord Downie (lead singer of The Tragically Hip), released in October 2016.  It was released with an accompanying graphic novel, as well as an animated made-for-TV film that aired on CBC in the same month.  You can read more about the production background of the album on Wikipedia.

Secret Path tells the story of an Anishnaabe boy named Chanie Wenjack, from Marten Falls First Nation, who died in 1966 while trying to return home.  He was escaping from an Indian Residential School.  All of the proceeds from this album and book are being donated to the University of Manitoba’s National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation project.
* – Note – the above paragraph was paraphrased slightly and partially copied verbatim from the Wikipedia article I linked to.
As a preface to this review, I want to say that I’m not a “strong” music reviewer.  When it comes to music, I don’t dive deep.  I know what sounds I like, and occasionally lyrics stand out to me.  Usually when I listen to an album, I don’t really look into the details about it beforehand.
However going into Secret Path, I was at least peripherally aware of the subject matter.  I knew that it dealt with an aboriginal boy who died in the 1960s, but didn’t really explore it much further than that.  It was always one of those “Oh I’d like to listen / read that, but maybe later” kind of things.
That really influenced my listening to this album.  I tried to focus on the lyrics when I listened to the album, but personally I have a hard time doing that.  For me, music is more about the overall sound and like I said, I don’t normally pinpoint on what’s being said (with a few exceptions here and there).
Knowing the subject matter, the album gave me a distinct atmospheric feeling.  Overall, the album gave me a feeling of being alone.  The first couple of tracks start out on a bit of a positive note – Chanie sets out to escape the residential school, and looking forward to going home.  But the rest of the album gradually descends into a gloomy tone, as Chanie faces increasing hardships.
Most of the instruments on the album are guitar and piano.  I think what really helps create this mental image is Downie’s voice, which is best described on this album as strained at times and haunting.  Everything fits together so well to tell this story.
In a way though, I think I should have listened to this album while reading the accompanying graphic novel.  I definitely will still pick it up and read it, but I think it would have helped me even more in understanding what was going on in the music.
Still, the album is technically very well done.  And I think that it does exactly what it sets out to do: tell the story of Chanie Wenjack and his ill-fated journey home.  You’re not going to hear these songs on the radio, and that’s OK.  That’s not what this is meant to be.  In one sense, it’s a bit of a disappointment that it might not get widespread mainstream attention (though I contend that since its release, it’s received a LOT of mainstream reviews, so it has received attention); but on the other hand, I appreciate that this project wasn’t undertaken with commercial success as the first thought.
I read a Pitchfork review of the album that Downie was approached by Broken Social Scene member Kevin Drew to record an album, and that Downie didn’t have any material – but he was writing about Chanie.  I don’t know why, but I get the idea of this tragedy nagging away at Gord Downie until he could get it out to the world.
I definitely recommend listening to the album, and I hope you follow my example by picking up the graphic novel and read that, too.

#104 – Wingin’ It 2017 Edition

Every now and then I like to just throw a podcast together without putting a ton of work into it.  I already had the playlist, but I decided I didn’t want to do the research today.  So here you go!  A very eclectic mix of tracks, grouped in no particular order.  Hope you enjoy it!  If you like the podcast, consider supporting it by joining the Patreon campaign!

Track List

  1. Derwald – Berlino
  2. Nuns of the Tundra – Robot Love (Single Verison)
  3. Mickey Blue – Give Yourself Away (Produced by Benstar)
  4. Strangezero – Burnin Star
  5. Brady Harris – Welcome Me Back
  6. The Madpix Project – When the Sun Goes Down
  7. Matt Confusion – Pride
  8. The Artisans Beats – Finally Find
  9. Jekk – Survive
  10. Nicolas Falcon – My Island
  11. The Green Duck – On the Rise
  12. Doc Aquatic – All Timer
  13. Alexander Mack – Sharp Dressed (Prod. Alex Mack)