#113 – Dime and Sea Lillies

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Welcome back to another full length episode!  This time around there are two listener submissions, plus many cool tracks recently featured on Jamendo.com.  Full playlist is below!

  1. The Halt - Kind of Right
  2. Pure Mids - Don't Quit
  3. Banana Cream - We'll Shine
  4. DIME - White T-Shirt (Bandcamp)
  5. Kinematic - Let's Go Out Tonight
  6. Plants - Misery Business
  7. Sadme - Mourning Day
  8. Final Round - Angel of Darkness
  9. Sea Lillies - Materials (Bandcamp)
  10. Above Envy - Steady as the Rain
  11. The Spin Wires - Girls Like You

Weekly Airwave – Games by Tony Petersen

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Hi and welcome to Alternative Airwaves - I'm your host Steve, bringing you the best in Creative Commons music.  This is the Weekly Airwave: one track with some information about the song or the artist. 

This week's track: Games by Tony Petersen.  This is a light folk track, from the album A Soft Place to Land (2018).  Petersen is an American artist, playing guitar from age 15 and has performed across America since high school.  This is a solo track but is a member of a band called The Social Animals.

Enjoy Games from Tony Petersen - and be sure to check out alternative airwaves dot com for podcasts and music reviews.  See you next time.

2017 In Review (Jamendo)

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Something that caught my eye earlier this week was a link I hadn't caught before on Jamendo: 2017 In Review.  I wanted to make sure to highlight it on the blog, because I'm going to try to move forward with covering new music in an upcoming podcast (though there might be some 2017 tracks sneaking through).

It's split into two parts: Best Albums, and Best Newcomers.  Here's the write-up for each section:

Best Albums//
Whether it was Russian rock band Sadme' psychedelic riffs or the nostalgic feeling in the honeyed voice of Barefoot McCoy, whether it was Nordgroove' thoughtful atmospheric mix of electronic music and jazz or the smooth soul-pop vibes of Seth Power, all the albums on the list below contributed to make 2017 an unforgettable year for our ears!

Best Newcomers//
Introducing a promising wave of diverse acts from the four corners of the world, here's the list of the new entrants who already got our attention in 2017 - and to keep an eye on in 2018!
Colaars - Underheart

I listened to some of the artists featured throughout this year, and I think in general they are spot on with their choices.  One that completely skipped by me was Robin Grey's album From the Ground Up.  I originally featured Robin Grey on a few podcasts back in the day, so I'm surprised that I missed his 2017 release.  It's quite good if you're into folk. 

Colaars' album Underheart was an album that I did catch up with over the last year, and I really enjoyed their brand of synth-pop.

The 2017 In Review page has a wide range of genres to choose from and artists from all over the world, as per the norm on Jamendo.  You should definitely check it out.  Let me know which is your favourite album or artist from the list!  I am looking forward to what the Jamendo people put together for the 2018 year in review.

Recommendation: Daniel Robinson – Little Birds

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Just thought I'd throw out a quick recommendation!  I found this on Jamendo the other day, and thought it was a great folk/pop album.  Some of the tracks are a little dreamy, which is great.  I didn't like Those Were The Days too much; Nowhere to Hide and Little Birds were definitely standout tracks for me. 

I was listening to The Decemberists' new album before dropping into this one, and the transition worked well for me.  If you have some time, take a listen to Daniel Robinson's Little Birds.