#104 – Wingin’ It 2017 Edition

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Every now and then I like to just throw a podcast together without putting a ton of work into it.  I already had the playlist, but I decided I didn't want to do the research today.  So here you go!  A very eclectic mix of tracks, grouped in no particular order.  Hope you enjoy it!  If you like the podcast, consider supporting it by joining the Patreon campaign!

Track List

  1. Derwald - Berlino
  2. Nuns of the Tundra - Robot Love (Single Verison)
  3. Mickey Blue - Give Yourself Away (Produced by Benstar)
  4. Strangezero - Burnin Star
  5. Brady Harris - Welcome Me Back
  6. The Madpix Project - When the Sun Goes Down
  7. Matt Confusion - Pride
  8. The Artisans Beats - Finally Find
  9. Jekk - Survive
  10. Nicolas Falcon - My Island
  11. The Green Duck - On the Rise
  12. Doc Aquatic - All Timer
  13. Alexander Mack - Sharp Dressed (Prod. Alex Mack)

I really want to meet Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips

This is going to be largely another podcast recommendation, but if I’m ever asked what celebrity I’d most like to meet, it’d be Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips, together in the same room.  Those two are downright funny, and also (mostly) down to earth.

Apparently they know each other quite well since starring together on Star Trek: Voyager, and have crossed paths several times.  I learned today that both Picardo and Phillips were cast in Cowen Brothers movies – and I specifically want to seek out Inside LLewyn Davis now.

I would definitely want to meet both of them, but if I had to choose, probably Robert Picardo.  Anyway, if you want to hear some proof of their genius together (and apart), have a listen to some episodes from Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast.  I’ve listed them in order of newest to oldest.  Don’t worry, inside jokes are kept to a minimum.

Episode 19: Podcastin’ In The Wind

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Steve's Version of Beck's The Information
Episode 19 is upon us!  And relatively near the actual recording date!  In this episode we watched season three's episode 13, Bendin' In The Wind.  This led to natural discussions about Beck, the VW Bus, measuring various scents, and the merits of Bend-Aid.  Hope you enjoy!

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Music featured in the Podcast:
  • Beck's songs as featured in "Bendin' In The Wind", Bender's broken robot song

Episode 18 – Where’s My Hairy Buggalo?

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The Face of Mars?
After an unplanned 4 month hiatus, Mike & Steve are back with more Futurama commentary!  Once you've heard it, you can't un-hear it!  In episode 18, we take a look at the Episode 10 of Season 3, "Where the Buggalo Roam".  Topics of discussion include the tallest volcano in the solar system, the Face of Mars, and the Crying Indian.  Confused?  Well listening to the episode might not help in that matter.  But listen anyway!

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Featured Music:
A Tribe Called Red - Braves (Remix) (via Soundcloud)

Videos we mentioned:
Futurama in a Minute (via YouTube)
Crying Indian PSA - Keep America Beautiful (via YouTube)

Episode 17 – Make It So

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After a lengthy hiatus, Mike & Steve are back with Futurama Pedia!  Actually, this episode was recorded wayyy back in July, we just have been too busy to get it released until now.  The good news is that Episode 18 is also recorded and around the corner!  In this episode, Mike & Steve discuss 31st Century Fox, and try out Bachelor Chow (Now With Flavour!).  PS - our episode wasn't really sponsored by Beau's...but it was influenced by it!

Due to a problem on iTunes' side, the podcast does not download properly in iTunes.  You can download it just fine with any iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone), or you can stream it on the great podcast service Stitcher.  OR you can just download it directly from Archive.org.

Music Featured in Today's Episode:
Ylvis - The Fox
Yello - Oh Yeah

Episode 16: Star Trek Into Futurama

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Futurama Pedia makes a triumphant return!  Coinciding with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Mike & Steve take a look at all of the Star Trek references throughout Futurama - focusing on the great season 4 episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".  So strap in and get ready for a mind-blowing ride that includes ridiculous trivia and episode highlights, and download!

On a serious technical note, due to a problem on iTunes' side, the podcast does not download properly in iTunes.  You can download it just fine with any iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone), or you can stream it on the great podcast service Stitcher.  OR you can just download it directly from Archive.org.

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Music in the podcast:
William Shatner's interpretation of Slim Shady from "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"

Here's Mike's iPad:

Episode 15: Love & Rocket

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Our sincerest of apologies for the length of time in between our last podcast.  We actually recorded this BEFORE Valentine's Day, and intended to release it ON Valentine's Day (or shortly thereafter), but we were set upon a rash of technical issues (read: we were busy / lazy / take your pick).  In this episode of Futurama Pedia, Mike & Steve discuss the episode Love and Rocket, conversation hearts, and the deeper meaning of the seminal classic "Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)".

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Songs featured in the podcast:
Spin Doctors - Two Princes

Episode 14: Fun on a Bun

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We waited three months before recording (well, it felt like three months) an Oktoberfest episode, and here we are!  Mike and Steve watched "Fun On a Bun" (S7E08) and talked about Oktoberfest (naturally), the Wilhelm Scream, and other random bits of trivia.  Definitely one of our shortest episodes of late - but that just makes it easier for you to listen and move on to the next episode!

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Music Credits:
Theme music: Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock (metal Time Machine Remix)
Toussaint Morrison & Dr. Wylie - Baby I'm Bad Weather (Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend)
No Way Josie! - Want it Back (No Way Josie! EP)
Manther - 1985 (Manther)

Pictures from #Futurama:
buxomia (Adventure Time / Futurama mash-up T-shirt)
@Prbychristina10 shows off some Heads in a Jar
Awesome Bender tattoo!
Steampunk Bender

Episode 13: Joyeux Noëx

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Mike and Steve are finally back together for another podcast - the last one for 2012!  What a fitting time to cover off the Season 2 episode, "Xmas Story".  Tons of great discussion points including The Gift of the Magi, the origins of Santa Claus, and episode highlights!

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Featured Music:

The Gasoline Bros - Hungover Boxing Day
Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Christmas Day With Me
Both songs come from the "Christmas Candy from the Netherlands" album available on FreeMusicArchive.org.

Episode 12: Unused Clips from Episode 11

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Mike is out of the country (on a secret spy mission, maybe?), but that hasn't stopped Steve from pulling previously unheard audio from Episode 11 and making a brand new episode!  Sit down, re-watch "War is the H-Word", and listen to Episode 11 again, and enjoy some of the funnier discussions that had to be cut out of the last episode of Futurama Pedia!

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How Working on Futurama Prepares You to Make One of the Year's Best Animated Movies (io9)

Futurama Fan Sleeve Tattoo (Employee Lounge)

Featured Music:
Brad Sucks - Feel Free Plastic Surgery
Brad Sucks - Guess Who's A Mess
Album: Guess Who's A Mess (http://www.bradsucks.net)