A Short Story Suggestion

I haven’t written anything in a while (specifically referring to this blog) and while there is a post I want to work on, I’m feeling a little unmotivated to put a lot of effort into crafting it (or even another post on another subject). So instead, here is a link to a short story I […]

Radio Free Burrito Mixtape: If This Be Sin

If you’re in the market for a mix tape with a heavy punk aesthetic and is truly eclectic, you can’t go wrong with @wilw’s latest Radio Free Burrito Mixtape, “If This Be Sin”. http://www.radiofreeburrito.com/radio-free-burrito-mixtape-if-this-be-sin/— A…

Book Reviews

It’s been a while since I finished reading something, and this month I managed to finish two things.  One was a full length book, the other was a piece of short fiction.  Here are my reviews. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared I received this book as a gift at […]

Podcast Update for June

Here’s your podcast update for June!  There’s actually a lot going on for what is usually considered an “off-season” for entertainment.  If you want, you can see my subscription list at https://podstand.co/profile/lwgrs Dropped Podcasts I don’t recall dropping any subscriptions.  Good news! Returning Shows This list is somewhat long!  That’s really cool. The Pitch is back! […]

Hunter – by Wil Wheaton

Alright, so I re-read Wil Wheaton’s short story Hunter tonight; I’m posting this from mobile, so you’ll have to find the link when I wrote about it in my last post. Anyway…It’s not as good as I apparently made it out to be in that post. If I were to grade it now, I’d give it […]